About G-J

Geert-Jan Maillé 1974, born Dutch and raised in middle of nature. After a combined study of art and economics, and working for several company`s in furniture & design I am living in Belgium since 2000 and since 2011 in the french speaking part, Wallonia, in the beautiful hills of the Belgium-Ardennes.

In Stoumont we, my partner and our foster-child, are running a small B&B and holliday-house in combination with my design & art studio. For the last 15 years I had art always a bit more in the background, but with our expanding plans for 2017…a third location added for the B&B, it also involves a new very large art & design studio…the future is going to be more and more about expressing my creativity…

My work as an artist is often combined with my work as a designer, and visa versa… creating sculptures for a specific location/setting..and create a beautiful interior design with art…and the next step might be combining the two in designing functional art…so art and furniture…architecture and art…becomes one.